3.6.10 Warm Weather, Great Trails

All of the trails were groomed early this morning.  With temperatures well above freezing for over a week and trace amounts of new snow, we were unsure how the trails would hold up, but the grooming was a success and all of the trails are in very good shape.  We still have an 8-10 inch base in most places and the tracks are very hard.  The warm weather during the day followed by freezing temps at night made some of the trails a bit icy so we used the power tiller today to break up the ice that was starting to form.  It did the trick and most of the ice is gone. 

This afternoon the thermometer reads 50 degrees and the skies are blue and sunny.  Skiers report that the trails haven’t gotten too soft in the sun and that it’s very comfortable skiing weather.  We all have to take advantage of the warm weather and the surprisingly good skiing conditions, since skiing might not be much of an option if this warm streak keeps up!

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