2.6.10 Great ski conditions

Warning! Bear Cub ahead.


Skiers are having a fantastic time skiing our trails right now.  Several skiers reported that today was one of the best ski days ever–sunny skies, pleasant temps, and newly groomed trails. 

We get many calls  lately asking if we actually have snow.  A large percentage of them are from people staying along the North Shore, who are dismayed to find that the snow conditions are not what they had hoped for.  When we received all the snow last week, many other areas received rain.  Our snow was dense, wet, and heavy.  It caused thousands of trees to bend and break along the trails.  Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge employees are still stiff and sore from the many days of trail clearing that followed this heavy snow.  The clean up job was huge; not every trail system is finished yet. 

Our trail system groomed up surprisingly well, especially given the difficulty of grooming that particular snow.  Most of the trails have been groomed one to two times since the snowfall.  

There’ve been scattered reports of a few soft areas or ruts in the heavy snow on the sunny, exposed hilltops but overall, skiers are saying  the trails have been fabulous.  Today was one of the busier days we’ve seen on the trails. Skiers were very pleased with conditions. 

We are expecting some snow in the next few days, although nothing like the snowsfall that pummeled the East coast.  At this point we don’t need lots more snow, but we’ll happily make the most of it. 

Kathy Welsh and Mary Anne Warner under the new Poplar Creek Arch. Photo by Ron Warner.

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