Well the snow fell, the temperature dropped, and the trails have been groomed.  We now have an additional 12 inches of snow and this morning the thermometer read slightly below zero.  This is more like the January we know.  With such little snowfall and temperatures in the low to mid 30s, the last few weeks didn’t seem like the frigid, snow covered January we’re used to, but instead seemed like the more mild and sunny March.  But not any more.  The forecast for the next week calls for more scattered snow showers and temperatures reaching just above zero during the day.

Yesterday, the groomer was out all day.  The snow was so heavy and wet when it fell that it made for harder work for the groomer.  The wet snow weighed down many of the small tress and branches that lined the trails causing them to bend to just about the right height to give anyone skiing in the tracks a few good slaps in the face.  It made for slow grooming since we had to stop frequently to clear the trail.  Nevertheless, the trails look much better.  We now have 10-12 inches of base.  There is no more stubble showing and areas with large rocks are no longer as much of a problem.  The Campground Loop, Summer Home Road, Beaver Dam, and Bear Cub were groomed yesterday and the rest of the trails should be groomed in the next day or two.

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