We’ve woken up to flurries the last couple of days, and while they are certainly pretty to watch out the window or while skiing the trails, they haven’t done us much practical good. These dustings haven’t added much to our total snow accumulation and we’ve had about the same amount of snow since our Christmas snowfall. Nevertheless, the skiing is still quite good. Many skiers enjoyed the trails over the long weekend (and the warm weather). Oxcart and Poplar Creek are being groomed today and the rest of our trails should be groomed within the next couple of days.

If you are going to be in the area this Saturday January 23rd you can be part of the Volks Ski 400. The Volks Ski 400 is an event in which relay teams will ski the entire 400 K of Cook County’s gorgeous wilderness ski trails. Stop by the lodge and join the Bearskin team to help us ski our section of trails. You don’t have to be fast or strong to participate!  Ski even a few K in the relay and you will be part of the team. Proceeds from the Volks Ski 400 will support pancreatic cancer research.

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