The groomers have been out over the past few days after another dusting of about 1-2 inches of snow.  Summer Home Road, the Campground Loop, and parts of Beaver Dam were groomed two days ago and Bear Cub and Oxcart were groomed today.  We’ve been having temperatures in the 30s and today was above freezing, but the ski trails are holding up well and the warm temperatures have made skiing a bit more pleasant.  

 Our last little snowfall has exposed all of the different critters that scurry across our trails.  The new snow made it easy to see and identify animal tracks.  Rabbit, fox, squirrel, and all sorts of bird prints were etched into the snow.  This morning a section of Oxcart was covered with wolf tracks.  A pack must have passed through, maybe in an attempt to check out Erik’s sled dogs that are currently living in the bay of East Bearskin Lake.  Seeing all of those different animal tracks mingled with ski tracks makes you realize that you’re not the only one out enjoying the trails.

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