3/26/2009 Ski a little longer, perhaps

Tuesday’s ice storm left us a challenge –what to do now with the ski trails?  A number of ski trail areas  are now officially closed for the season.  It’s a hard call to make since we still have a number of guests who would like to ski.

We’ve had a sprinkling of on-and-off snow since the ice storm.  The snow made the trails a bit less icy. We still have a base, but a lot of it is now a base formed from something closer to hard frozen slush than to snow. Some areas of base have melted enough that equipment occasionally hits rocks, so any grooming we do can’t be very deep or aggressive in those areas.

We’ve heard a few skiers say that Oxcart Trail is ok–not great, but skiable.  Quinn went out today and tried to regroom  Campground Loop and Summer Home Road trails.  He also did part of Old Logging Camp and part of Beaver Dam.  He put in one track and a skate lane.  He wasn’t super pleased with the results, but it was an improvement.

If it would continue to snow quite a bit tonight, he might take the pisten bully out on some trails tomorrow.  Without more snow, he’s done what he can. 

Mushing is definitely over for the season.  It’s been fun.

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