3/24/2009 Is the season over? Maybe

 In spite of melting, the past week still offered skiable conditions. Groomers on both sides of the Central Gunflint Trail went out periodically trying to touch up a few trails.  Skiers on Sunday reported fairly passable conditions for skating on the trails, but mediocre crust skiing conditions due to bumpiness on the lake from high winds.

And then it started to rain.  We’ve had an ice storm for 2 days.  Everything looks as if it is coated in glass.  Kaitlin was carrying in groceries the other day and must have dropped a dental floss package outside her door.  Now, she says, she can see the white plastic container, but she can’t pick it up because it’s under a deep clear coating of glossy ice.

The trees make a beautiful noise when the wind blows.

So what did this do to the trails?  Honestly, you can barely walk outside without treacherously falling.  Nobody has ventured out on the ski trails, but it can’t be great.  More rain is forecast.  If it snows, instead, maybe the trails can be saved, but it could be the end of decent skiing for this season.

Downhill skiers from Lutsen have been in periodically today, driving up and down the trail looking for something to do since gravity-slave skiing isn’t feasible today, either. Snowshoeing seems possible, especially if you have snowshoes like the ones we rent that have metallic gripping teeth on the bottom.

Seems like a really fine day to get cozy with a book in front of the fireplace.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens with the trails.

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