3/11/2009 Yes, it really, really snowed



Snow measuring stick in front of the Main Lodge this morning, after the snowstorm

It started to snow lightly around noon on Tuesday.  By 2 PM we were encouraging our employees who had to drive a distance to head home.  Those of us who remained had a very quiet afternoon in the lodge, watching the big snowflakes tumbling and blowing all afternoon.  By dinner time it was snowing hard enough that it was difficult to see the lake.  Late in the night the moonglow started to light up East Bearskin Lake and we knew the snow must have stopped.

There has been a great deal of blowing and drifting, so there is no consistent new snow depth, but a good average would be about 12 inches of new snow.  In spite of some recent warmer temperatures, we still had a very solid base of snow but this new snow will freshen it up and eliminate the iciness that had developed.

Quinn is out in the pisten bully starting to groom trails.  Andy will also get out with the G2 as soon as all our cabins, roadways and paths are cleared out.  Today is windy and quite cold, but the forecast is for the wind to die down, the temperatures to go up and the ski conditions to be gorgeous over the next few days.  The pine tree boughs are coated with sparkling snow and the new snow on the trails is a brilliant white, so be sure to bring your camera if you come skiing.

ADDENDUM 2:30 PM :  Grooming is going very, very slowly today as there is so much new snow.  Today’s windy conditions aren’t helping matters.  Attempts at packing down the North-South link across Aspen were futile. Consider that section essentially closed for the moment (as is often the case –use alternatives.)  Today’s grooming is necessary after so much snow, but it will probably all need to be done again.

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