3/7/2009 Everything groomed

We were in Duluth the last few days, where the weather resembled spring — the snow was rapidly disappearing in the warm temperatures.  All the way back up north, even in Grand Marais, we worried that our Central Gunflint snow base would be affected.  The roadside snow was black, gritty and icy. Grass was peeking through in yards.  Then we started up the Gunflint Trail hill and in no time we were reassured by the high banks of white snow.  Yep, it’s still winter up here.

The above freezing temperatures of the last few days did make the trails a bit icy by yesterday afternoon.  Fortunately, today was colder so the groomers could get back out and redo everything.  The entire system on both the Bearskin and the Golden Eagle side was regroomed, except for the North South link.  We’ll get that troublesome spot again in the the morning.

Skinny ski trail reports from the weekend: http://www.skinnyski.com/trails/traildetail.asp?Id=48

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