1/13/2009 Morning grooming report

It’s not nearly as cold today as originally predicted.  Here at Bearskin it is a calm, sunny and surprisingly pleasant day–at least until you look at the thermometer.  Much nicer than the temps would indicate.

Quinn is out grooming.  He plans to redo the lake paths, which have been problematic for him–he’s gone through into 12 inches of water/slush on each of his most recent lake grooming attempts. (Again, we emphasize that this is not a safety issue — a skier will not go through into the lake, although skis might become iced over. It is much more of problem for heavy equipment.)    Quinn is hopeful that today will be better.  After he fixes the lake trails (and if he doesn’t need to take yet another side trip into the maintenance building to thaw out an iced over groomer) he will do the central trails on this side of Flour Lake.  Most are in pretty good shape right now, but a pass with the grooming equipment will make it even better.

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