1/12/2009 “Nuisance snow”

We had a little of what our groomers call a “nuisance snow” today–enough to accumulate a bit, but not enough to justify heading out with the groomer. Skiers who were out today said it was just fine.

An irritating piece of news: skiers on Poplar Creek late this afternoon reported that they saw snowmobilers go down the ski trail. This is against the law and obviously, also very dangerous. The snowmobiles messed up one side of the Poplar Creek trail.

Realistically, we probably won’t get out with the groomer in the next two days to repair this damage since the weather forecast is for extraordinarily low temperatures and a high windchill factor. Actually, Tuesday might be a good day for skiers to hunker down with a good book in front of a fireplace and await better temperatures.

The good news is that the forecast for the upcoming weekend, when many folks have three days off, is excellent. Highs in the mid-20s are currently forecast.  Decent winter weather will return soon!

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