12.21.2021 A tale of ever-changing trails

Bearskin and the Central Gunflint Ski Trail had fantastic early-season skiing after our 22-inch snowfall. Then we had the state-wide big melt, and our trails took a big hit. We still had snow and skiers were out there every day, but conditions were just OK, at best. Bob, Quinn and Collin shoveled snow over some bare sections, kept grooming and cleaning up areas, and made it work. Skiers told us that we had the only skiing left in the state on natural snow, which could have been true.

A cool thing about our Central Gunflint Trail location is that it snows here ALL the time in winter. We often build our snow base up by adding a few inches at a time, every day. That’s what we have going on now — a little snow falling day-in, day-out. Today we had a nice snowfall that should finally give the groomers a substantial amount of snow to work with again. The groomers are going out tonight and Wednesday morning, so soon our trails should be back to “better than OK.” We will start posting regular trail reports again, now that we will have some real grooming news.

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