1.25.2021 New snow this past week, everything groomed up great

We are back in our more typical snowy cycle. We had many days of snow over the past few week, and the groomers have been out numerous times. Conditions are great.

The BWCA connection, the section that can only be groomed with a snowmobile, has finally been groomed and tracked. (The machine that we use to groom that has been in the repair shop for a few weeks, so the section was just snowmobile packed — not ideal.) The slush on some lake crossings has been coming and going, but hopefully this cold snap that we have for a few days now will put an end to that annoying problem.

We aren’t expecting more snow for the rest of this week, with more snow in the forecast for the weekend. Sunny days ahead.

The Bearskin Virtual Nordic Ski Races are still going on. January was much more competitive than the first two months were. As is always the case, certain days and conditions result in faster times; there were some extraordinarily fast times on a few icy days earlier in the month. We still have a few days in the month and remember, every time you do the course you get another chance to win a prize, whether you had a fast or a slow time. Sign up here.

In other virtual race news, Bearskin will be one of the sites for Virtual Birkie Race in February. More info coming on that.

Thanks to all the local day-skiers who have been parking at Golden Eagle on Saturdays. It has greatly improved the unmanageable weekend congestion in the Bearskin parking lot.

See you on the ski trails soon!

1.14.21 Not much has changed

No new ski reports, as not much has happened. We’ve received a little more snow since our last big snowfall, which is unusual for this time of year, but the very pleasant daily temperatures more than compensated for the lack of new snow. Skiing conditions have remained good.

We are happy to see some snow in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday. Amounts are diminishing for our area in the forecast, but we are in the sweet spot for snow, so we never know how it will turn out until the snowstorm gets here. Quinn will groom Friday morning no matter how much snow we get, so the tracks and corduroy will be fresh for the long weekend.

This weekend will be busy with day skiers. If you get to Bearskin’s parking lot and the parking seems packed then head over to Golden Eagle, which is another mile up the Gunflint Trail on Clearwater Road. We share the same trail system and the same ski tickets, but GEL often has available parking after Bearskin’s lot is overflowing.

We’ll update this after we see how much snow we get overnight.

1.1.2021 — Happy New Year, plus a little holiday weekend advice

It’s New Year’s weekend, always an extraordinarily busy weekend at Bearskin. We’d go so far as to say a “crazy weekend” at Bearskin. So we have a little advice if you are coming to visit our ski trail system:

  • A snowshoe trail is different from a ski trail. The middle of a ski trail is still a SKI TRAIL. Snowshoes ruin the trail for skiers. We have a really nice, separate snowshoe trail for you. Let us help you find the right trail!
  • Those “no dogs” signs on our trails mean = no dogs. Not even your dog. Dogs ruin the grooming. Quinn has to do a lot of extra work this morning redoing the trails because of someone’s dog yesterday.
  • Park at Golden Eagle! Start on the north side. If you get to our parking lot and there is not a sensible spot, park on the Golden Eagle side. So easy! So much smarter than some of the unsafe parking we saw yesterday.
  • You need to buy a ski pass. This is not a state-funded trail. These gorgeous trails through the woods don’t just happen— it takes so much work. Your ski tickets help fund all that effort.

Current snow measurements from Golden Eagle on 12/31:

New Snow Last 24 hours:  4.75”
New Snow Last 7 days:  15.50”
Trail Base, Staked:  Average 5-8”
Snow in Woods, Staked:  Average 13-15”
Groomed with classic track:  65 km
Groomed with skate lane:   55 km
Surface Conditions:  Fresh snow
Last grooming day:  12-31-20
Total season snowfall:  31.75”