11.4.2019 Work weekend trail trimming event

“Work Weekend,” Bearskin’s annual ski and snowshoe trail trimming party, was held this past weekend and it was great fun. These groups covered so much ground, and were in high spirits while they did it.

Our trail trimmers attempt to spot the branches that are likely to hang out into the trails and annoy skiers. It’s tricky to do because many of the branches that will be at trail level after we receive tons of snow are 6 or more feet up in the air now. We have a large number of guests who keep this “Work Weekend” tradition every year, so they’ve mastered pine tree nipping.

All of our trails have been mowed at this point, so we’re just waiting for snow.  We usually have a few November gales that will send us back out on the trails to clean up fallen tees, but currently the trails look great. We’ve a few inches of snow over the last few days, so Quinn is eagerly waiting for enough snow to accumulate that he can get out and groom Summer Home. We’ll keep you posted. He groomed for the first time last year on November 7th.

Next year’s “Work Weekend” will be held October 30 – November 1. Yes, Halloween weekend. We promise you’ll still get some Halloween candy and if your heart is set on wearing a costume, you are welcome to come to the Saturday dinner in full Halloween dress. The weekend books up fairly far ahead of time, so it’s never too soon to make a reservation.  All cabins rent at the same price, $115 person for the full weekend, including the Saturday dinner.

Fun pictures from the weekend.


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