4.2.2019 We still have snow, but the grooming season has ended


Yes, we still have snow. Lots of snow, as you can see by the this photo of the Main Lodge during an April snowstorm today. But at this point, the Pisten Bully is being put away for the season and grooming is over.

Skiing is still okay. It changes during the day due to sun or warm temperatures, but it’s still possible to be out there. We see a few skiers every day now. If you have a season pass, you are welcome to continue skiing for as long as you’d like to try it.

If you do come to ski, the Main Lodge building will mostly be closed from April 4-10, so don’t plan on using the restrooms or changing in the Lodge.  Staff will be on site, but they’re pulling up carpet, moving around furniture, and deep cleaning  all week, and the Lodge will not be open for public use.

It’s been a long, but wonderful winter ski season. We groomed for the first time in early November, and after that the snow never let up. (Still hasn’t, actually.) Snow conditions ranked among the best ever. We had some bitterly cold temperatures, but pleasant days were also plentiful. We had the busiest winter we’ve ever had at Bearskin, breaking all records for the number of nights, and a majority of guests rebooked for next winter so they can do it all again in 2020.  We’re all looking forward to spring, so it’s tough to contemplate the return of winter again; but remember that whenever you start thinking winter thoughts, it’s never too soon to call and book your cabin or lodge for next year. That’s how people nail down their perfect dates.

Thank you for visiting Bearskin and the Central Gunflint Trail Ski System. Every year we meet so many friendly people who come to stay or ski here.  We’re lucky to get to know so many of you and look forward to seeing you again.


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