12.22.2018 More groomed trails have opened!

Don’t be dismayed by the lack of snow you’re seeing almost everywhere in Minnesota — we have snow and we’re skiing on the Central Gunflint Trail System!

Our ski season started early here, with our first trails opening in early November. That early snow gave us a great start, but then it took quite a bit longer before enough additional snow accumulated to cover the stubble and big boulders on the many miles of trails in the deep woods.

As of December 21, almost all the trails are now groomed, tracked, and open. There’s still a little stubble in a few spots, but we’re now in our typical Christmas weather pattern of getting fresh snow almost every day. The trails will just get better and better.

Poplar Creek Trail is still closed, as is often the case at this point in the season, due to open water in a few places. Also, the small BWCAW section of the Logging Camp loop, which has to be groomed with different equipment, won’t be open until we get more snow. If we get the predicted snow in the next few days, that trail should open up in the near future.

All guests at Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge receive complimentary ski trail passes for our ski system. If you are staying elsewhere, you are welcome to ski on the  Central Gunflint Trail System when you purchase a pass at either Bearskin or Golden Eagle.

It’s looking like we will have a Christmas break with almost no snow along the North Shore, which often means skiers may be driving up the Gunflint to find the snow. With that in mind, we encourage those of you who are staying elsewhere to start your ski day in the morning. Buy lunch, have some hot cocoa or an espresso, make a day of it. Historically, when there is no snow elsewhere on the North Shore, our parking lots are often jam-packed full after lunch. You won’t care about that problem at all if you’re here before the rush starts. (And you really won’t care if you’re just walking back to your cozy Bearskin cabin! It’s so nice to be right here.)


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