3.31.2018 Last grooming of the year today, ski season officially over

Today Bob groomed the Central Gunflint Ski Trail system for the last time this winter.  We didn’t quite reach the record date for our last grooming, which was April 13 a few years ago, but we did make it to Easter weekend. Not bad. Considering we’ve had snow since October 26, we’re good with being done.

We do have a lot of snow left, but it’s hard, fast and icy, and doesn’t groom up nicely anymore.  If you have a Central Gunflint Season season pass you may continue to ski, but do so with the understanding that conditions aren’t great. Be careful! There’s no such thing as a gentle fall on this icy snow surface.

Bearskin will have limited office hours in April, from 8 AM to 4 PM on many days. Staff will be on site accomplishing spring tasks, but the office and main lodge building will frequently be closed all day in mid-April.  If you need us, call first.

Thanks for a great winter.  We’ll see you next year.


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