2.26.2016 Another good ski weekend

BearskinLodge webcam from noaa

Here’s a quintessential winter photo from our webcam Thursday, a shot of two campers heading out for a weekend of winter camping.  We’d like to claim we just noticed the moment, but actually NOAA  (the weather service) in Duluth called our attention to it — yes, apparently they get their weather forecasts by watching the Bearskin Lodge webcam.  🙂

NOAA says that Friday and Sunday are going to be perfect ski days. Saturday could get a tad warm, so plan to ski early and maybe spend your afternoon snowshoeing, or perhaps relaxing with a glass of wine or cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace.  Last weekend we also experienced some warm temps, but they were accompanied by wet snow and even a little rain.  There’s nothing like that in this weekend’s forecast, so that’s good news.

The warmth and moisture from last Saturday had a negligible effect on our snow. Good grooming during the past week, plus another 4.5 inches of fresh snow, left the trails in great shape. So far this season we’ve had almost 75 inches of snow, with 20 new inches just in February. Rumor has it that the rest of you around the state don’t have much snow, but that’s not going to be our memory of the winter of 2016.

All trails in the system are freshly groomed. For the most up-to-date grooming information, as well as specific trail conditions, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170).



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