2.18.2016 The weekend ahead

Photo by Jan Christenson

The trails are beautiful right now.  Skiers are thrilled with the conditions.  We still get almost daily calls asking if we have enough snow.  We’ve actually reached the point where we are running out of places to put more snow, so “enough” snow is not our issue. We are very fortunate to once again have some of the best snow in the state.

Conditions for the next few days are forecast to be a bit unsettled.  Maybe we will get snow, maybe rain, maybe a mix — we will soon see.  Whatever happens, both Bearskin and Golden Eagle will be out grooming before the weekend.  We have the equipment to cope with any of these weather situations so we can create great skiing for you on the trails.

If you are driving up for the weekend, give yourself lots of time if the weather is inclement and don’t worry if you will be coming in late.  Call us and we will make arrangements for your late arrival, no matter what time you show up.  We would rather have you arrive safely, even if that means slowly!

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