12.23.2015 Trail condition update

Here’s an updated ski report from Golden Eagle. This is a pretty good summary of all that we’ve accomplished and what we have left to do. It’s snowing again right now and we have the potential for another large amount of snow in the next 24 hours.

Bottom line: if you are staying at either resort next week, you will be amazed at our snow and you don’t have to worry even the tiniest bit about snow conditions.

If you don’t have a reservation for next week but are just planning to come up to ski, we would strongly encourage you to come skiing early in the day. When we have a situation like this one, where there isn’t much skiing elsewhere, the small parking lots for both resorts are often full by noon. Rental skis are often gone in many sizes, and occasionally there’s even a line out the front door waiting to buy ski passes right after lunch. Be smart — come early, ski a full day, and make the most out of our beautiful snow conditions!

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on 12-23-15

  • New Snow Last 24 hours: 0.0” (but it’s snowing again now)
  • New Snow Last 7 days: 15.0”
    Trail Base, Staked: Average 4 inches
    Snow in Woods, Staked: Average 7 – 10 inches
  • Groomed with classic tracks: ~28 k
    Surface Conditions: Fresh packed snow
  • Last grooming day: 12-22-15
    Total snowfall since Nov. 1: 28.33”

Comments: As many may know, with the recent snowstorm 1 week ago, we received 15 inches of snow across 3 days. The weight from the snow has caused many trees and bushes to infringe, and in numerous locations, completely block the ski trails. Work on clearing these trails for grooming has been much more time consuming than originally anticipated; however, Bearskin and Golden Eagle have made good progress this week and are happy to add several more trails to the “Is Now Open!” category. What we have been able to groom has groomed up very well, offering a nice firm base and solid classic track for some great skiing!

Trails that are groomed and tracked are: Summer Home Road, Campground Loop, lower Beaver Dam, Ox Cart, Bear Cub, Red Pines, Wolf Point, Cabin Loop, portions of Logging Camp, and west end of Deer Mouse. A few other trails have been cleared, but not yet groomed; these are packed only.

Important note: Due to open water on Flour Lake and questionable ice on Aspen Lake, the North-South link trail is closed north of Summer Home Road.

Since we are out there working and clearing trees every day, this list of groomed trails updates frequently. For the most up to date grooming information, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170). Central Gunflint Ski Pass required.

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