3.12.14 Spring ski conditions

There hasn’t been much new to say about the ski trails for much of the winter. It snows, we groom, it snows, we groom…  This has been a winter with a repetitive cycle of sameness in snow conditions.  But, like most of Minnesota, we (finally) experienced a little spring thaw with warmer temperature earlier this week, so we’ve now entered the season of “spring ski conditions.”

We still have a LOT of snow, with an average packed trail base of 15 inches and almost 30 inches in the woods.   Many trails have been tilled and the rest will be, and continue to be, as the week progresses. Surface conditions vary depending on the time of day and the temperature; however, conditions are still very good for both classic and skate skiing. Best conditions will be in the morning and early afternoon.

Last weekend was  one of the finest weekends of this entire winter — sunny skies, comfortable temperatures, great snow.  We haven’t had that many spectacular winter weekends in this unusual ultra-cold winter  We’re hoping this coming weekend will be a repeat performance of last Saturday.


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