2.19.14 All caught up on grooming, more snow on the way

Skier signWe certainly do have the snow here, with more on the way.  The Baumann family at Golden Eagle Lodge measured 18.5 inches of snow received since February 12th.  We have a forecast of another big snowfall coming Thursday.

The groomers have been out on the trails almost every day, trying to keep up with the fresh snowfalls.  It’s a challenge.  Three groomers go out on our 70+ K of trails after each snowfall, and it takes the better part of day to complete grooming the entire system — longer if the snow is deep and soft, as it was on Tuesday.  When they finally finish grooming every trail, nobody gets too enthused about a forecast for fresh snow.

Reports are that trails have been a tad slow which is to be expected after fresh snowfall, but with warming temperatures in the forecast, we predict some faster conditions in the upcoming days.  Weatherwise, this is the warmest week we’ve had all month.  Blue skies, fresh snow, and warmer temps = the perfect winter days.

We’re very busy this week, but the last week in February offers a few nice openings in cabins and lodges.  We have availability for dinner on both Wednesday and Saturday nights, as well as openings for dog sled trips.  It would be a wonderful week to take advantage of winter adventure package.


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