1.18.14 Lots of snow, great skiing

1.18.14 tracks across lakeIt’s been awhile since we filed a ski report.  We’re in one of those happy winter cycles where nothing changes significantly.  It keeps snowing, we keep grooming, and then it all  happens again.  The Central Gunflint Ski Trail System continues to get a new boost of snow every few days, without any major melting or raining interspersed as has happened some years.  It’s a snowy winter at its best.

Earlier in the week Golden Eagle Lodge reported that we had received 42.90 inches of snow since November 1.  Of course, it’s snowed since then but it gives you a rough idea.  The base is especially solid making for fantastic skate skiing. The classic tracks are holding very strong as well. Many guests are reporting this is the best snow they’ve experienced in several years.



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