12.21.13 It just keeps snowing!

Deer Mouse Trail on 12/18. Photo by Zach Baumann.

Deer Mouse Trail on 12/18. Photo by Zach Baumann.

The Central Gunflint Trail System continues to get snow almost every day.  We love heading into the Christmas vacation rush week with such a good start on ski conditions.  Because of daily snowfalls, the groomers have been going out almost every day on various trails to keep improving them.  Ask at the Lodges for the latest grooming info on each trail because it’s been changing constantly as the snow comes down.  The general trend is very consistent: trails are just getting better and better.

Golden Eagle did some snow measuring on 12/18 and filed this report.  We’ve had a fair amount of snow since 12/18, so there will probably be a new measurement soon — but meanwhile, here’s the good news:

New Snow Last 24 hours: 1.0”

New Snow Last 7 days: 6.25”

Trail Base: Staked: 6.25” – 8”

Snow in Woods: Staked: Low 13″, High 16″

Groomed with classic tracks: 54.1K

Groomed for skating: 68.9 K

Surface Conditions: fresh packed powder

Total snowfall since Nov. 1: 28.65”

Bearskin and Golden Eagle have been out grooming daily this week Both the Tidd Tech and Snowcat have put on quite a few kilometers in the past few days. Although it’s still early in the season, conditions are great on most trails. All ski trails have been groomed and tracked with the exception of the North-South Link, and  the portion of Logging Camp through the BWCA. These trail segments have been snowmobile packed only.

We’ve been receiving snow pretty much every day this week so conditions are changing regularly. For specific information and trail reports on individual trails or routes, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge.

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