3.7.13 March skiing at its best

More of the same.  That’s good. 

We didn’t get the big dump of snow that closed down schools and roads in the Twin Cities.  We received enough snow to freshen the trails, but not an overwhelming amount.  The weekend forecast looks pleasant; we do have an 80% chance of more snow on Saturday.  We like that just fine.

The stronger sun at this time of March means skiing can be changeable during the day. Ski conditions are usually the best in the morning, especially if it is a very sunny day.

We do have a little availability this weekend still if you’d like to make  a spur-of-the-moment trip up north.  “Mush for a Cure” is going on nearby this weekend, and on Monday night the John Beargrease Dogsled Marathon racers come through this area.  Lots of good reasons to enjoy winter here.

Next weekend is very close to full, but mid-week has some nice spots. Come on up!

New trail update from Golden Eagle:

New Snow Last 24 hours:  1.25 inches

New Snow Last 7 days: 1.125 inches

Trail Base: Average 12.5 inches

Snow in Woods: 18 – 20 inches

Groomed with classic tracks: 70K

Groomed for skating:  58K

Surface Conditions:  Old snow – Fresh snow on top

Snowshoe trails:  Open

Total snowfall since November 1:  55.59 inches

Comments:  Skiers are enjoying the results of the recent light snowfall; it has helped freshen up the trails quite nicely. The base is still very solid and forecasts show another upcoming week of nice weather holding in the mid to upper 20’s with more chances of new snow. Spring is near so keep in mind that conditions can change daily. Please check with Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge for specific conditions, updates, and grooming information on each trail.

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