2.11.2013 Lots of new snow to groom

 2.11.13 grooming 3  

Wow, did it ever snow!  We decided to head to Trail Center around 6 PM last night for a family dinner.  We knew that it was snowing, but we’re hardy Minnesotans–it’s no big deal to travel 3 miles in the snow, right?  Coming home was quite a challenge.  We couldn’t see 3 feet in front of us.  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen it snow so hard up here.

2.11.13 boots in snowDepending on where you measure, we have 8-10 inches of brand new fluffy snow, on top of the nice base we already had.  Where the snow drifted on trails, it’s much deeper.  Groomers are out this morning on both sides of the trail system. This is a great deal of snow to move around.  Some of the trails needed to be rolled and packed first.  Everything is grooming up very nicely.  It’s beautiful out there.

Bit by bit every trail is getting groomed.  If you want to ski today, check with Bearskin or Golden Eagle to find out which trails are finished.  Quite a few were done by midday Monday; the rest will gradually be completed during the day.

We hear there are terrible winds in some places in the state, but we’re sure not seeing that here.  It’s an absolutely lovely day to be skiing on tour trails.

2.11.13 view from back of pisten bully

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