Two days of odd moisture and warm weather, followed by a precipitous drop in the temperature, left us with hard, icy tracks on the ski trails and few options for repair.  Quinn went out with the groomer and did what he could this morning.  He reported that conditions were better than he expected.  Not ideal, but not nearly as bad as he thought they might be.  A sprinkling of new snow in the tracks has decreased the iciness today. The skiers who went out today generally reported that conditions were OK ,and that the snow in the tracks was really helping.

Conditions are better for skate skiers.   “Still hard pack, but edge able with some concentration”  one skier reported online. A few crust skiers have been out on East Bearskin Lake,also.

We still have some of the best snow in the area, but these are not “dream-come-true” winter ski conditions. We  need a blockbuster winter storm to come through! It’s hard to imagine that here on the excessively snowy Gunflint Trail we’re wishing for more snowstorms, but it’s yet another example of the weird weather pattern we are experiencing  across the country these days. 

At the moment, it’s snowing quite nicely here.  Let’s hope that this continues.

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