We haven’t had any snow in our forecast, but luckily for our trail system, it actually has been snowing periodically for the past 2 days.  Of course, we’d love to have more snow, but guests are reporting that they are pretty happy with the skiing.  Our crew shoveled extra snow over a few thin spots, and then Bob groomed Summer Home and Campground Trails again this morning.  He plans to do Bear Cub again tomorrow morning. There have been fewer skiers on Upper Beaver Dam and Moose Pasture Trails, so they’re still OK.  Quite a few skiers are also using the extra trail we groomed around East Bearskin Lake. 

The pine trees are coated with snow and the deciduous trees across the lake look they’re made from white frosted candy. In the moonlight the snow that just fell is exceptionally sparkly, like walking in glitter.  It’s a lovely time to experience winter on the Gunflint Trail.

Our ski advice remains the same: expect thin spots in some places.  You’ll be happiest if you aren’t using your best pair of skis.  Bit by bit we’re accumulating more snow om the trails, but we would all be excited if we’d get a heavy snowfall of 4-6 inches soon.

Info from Zach at Golden Eagle:

Our latest updates: Dan was out this morning with the Snow Cat and groomed Red Pines, Cross Fox, and the north shore Logging Camp. The trails are looking good, but we are slightly low on snow yet on the one south-facing hill on Cross Fox. Wolf point is also Snow Cat groomed and is in good shape. Moose Ridge remains packed only with snowmobile due to the rough terrain and low snow and we have been advising skiers to be cautious if skiing that trail. We were in the BWCA yesterday and finished sickling that section of the trail up. Another pass with the snowmobile in there with extra weight on the bar leveled things out much better, but there is still a section on the south side with rocks showing.

We are hoping to get out on Flour with an ATV and plow yet today to push some snow up onto the trail so we can start building a decent trail base across the lake.

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