11.13.12 Waiting for winter


At this point in the season we watch and wait and wonder when the snow will fall.  We have perhaps an inch of snow cover at the moment, but that could last for the rest of the winter, or be gone tomorrow.  It’s an unpredictable time of year.

We had a great turn-out for trail trimming weekend on November 2nd & 3rd.  We’ve learned the hard way that small trees and branches which appear to be well off the ski trail often turn into trail nuisances after a heavy coating of ice or snow bends them over the trail.  The trail trimming crew did a great job of trying to spot those potential problem branches and trees beforehand, then cutting them off.

Because our trails go through the rocky, hilly woods instead of over mowed grass paths, we need more snow than some other ski resorts do in order to make a nice base.  We’re fortunate to be in a “sweet spot” that almost always gets snow even when the rest of the North Shore area ends up with rain or sleet, but it’s still difficult to predict when we’ll have enough snow for a base.  We are lucky to have the G2 snowmobile groomer in addition to our pisten bully groomer, so we can get out on some of our trails with fairly minimal snow. 

Last year skiing was good at Bearskin beginning in late December, and it stayed fairly decent even when the Twin Cities news channels were claiming there was no skiable snow in all of Minnesota.  No, we did not have as much snow as we normally do, but in many years the amount of snow we get is far in excess of what we need to provide awesome skiing.  The Central Gunflint Trail had decent snow until the big melt in March.  By our standards, that was short ski season–many years some of the best skiing occurs in the month of March.  But we were happy to be able to provide good skiing for that long in 2012 and because there was almost no snow again on the North Shore, many new skiers were introduced to our great trail system.

We’ll keep you posted on this site as the snow begins to accumulate.  For more frequent updates, you can also check out our Facebook page for info; updates to that page are also sent to @BearskinLodge on Twitter, if  Tweets are your thing.    Those updates involve almost no time commitment for us, so they happen more frequently than the blog updates do.  As always, if you are wondering about snow conditions, just call us directly at 800.338.4170 during business hours.

The 2012 Trail Crew at dinner, after a good day of trimming the ski trails.

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