3.17.2012 Thanks for a great winter!

 We made our last attempt at grooming some trails on Wednesday. Grooming was semi-successful but the snow has continued to rapidly melt. Now we have a significant number of bare sections on many trails. It’s time to declare this winter ski season on the Central Gunflint Trail System officially over.

 At this point a few people try to ski every morning, but there are many bare spots to work around. Snowshoeing is also an option. You don’t need to pay to use the trails anymore, but we do ask that you come into the lodge and sign a trail waiver.
In a year when many resorts had to spend the entire winter apologizing for a lack of snow, we were very, very grateful to have good trail conditions for the entire season. It makes our daily job much more fun to be able to say, “Yes! We have great snow!”
At this point, we’re psychologically moving on to what could potentially be a beautiful spring.If this weather keeps up, the hiking on our trails during the month of April could be fantastic!

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