3.11.2012 Spring skiing is here, at least for the moment

Total snowfall since November 1:  64.20 inches

Spring skiing is here with solid trails in the morning and softening during the day.  For the most current conditions, call us.

The temps are great, but the conditions vary by the hour. The ski trails firm up overnight with below freezing temperatures, and then get soft in during the day.  Here are some tips:

Classic:  Best skiing is in the morning while the tracks are still firm from setting up over night.  The tracks may have a glaze of ice if the temperature is still below freezing, but that will go away soon when the snow warms up.  At some point the firmness and structure go out of the snow and the tracks get soft.  The best wax for these conditions is: waxless skis.  Conditions change so fast

Freestyle:  Ought to be really good early.  Use a soft glide wax and get out there while the skate deck is still frozen and firm. At some magical moment the whole thing will collapse and you’ll have to slog back to the lodge.

Snowshoeing:  Still great!

We’re hoping these unusually warm temps don’t last. We expect to get more snow.  It’s not uncommon for us to still have snow in early May.  This weather is probably just a teaser.

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