2.26.12 Snowing hard again

It’s hard to even see across the lake right now because it’s snowing so hard.  If you were thinking of coming to Bearskin as a day skier, well….yesterday was the day. All our beautiful grooming is quickly disappearing under the rapidly falling new snow and based on the forecast, we could have many more days of this.

When people call to book for March skiing, they often ask, “Are you SURE you’ll have snow?”  The right answer is yes, because historically we have a tough time getting rid of our snow by May, much less March. But we always feel a little hesitancy to absolutely guarantee snow because there have been two winters in recent years where the snow was gone early. This year the weather has been so peculiar that we had a little underlying worry that March, 2o12, could turn into one of those oddball early melt years. Instead,  it’s beginning to look like this will be a snowy March.  It wouldn’t take many more days like this one to give us enough snow to last until June. @@

We have lots of openings in March.  If you live in anywhere in Minnesota other than the Gunflint Trail, you probably didn’t experience much winter this year — come up and remember what real snow is like!

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