Yesterday we had howling winds and blowing snow.  At one point Quinn groomed the North-South link and as he looked behind him, within 20 seconds his trail was gone. It was that kind of day.

Today the winds have calmed down quite a bit, but we’re still watching puffs of snow swirl around our lake in small white “tornadoes.”  The Golden Eagle Snow Cat and Bearskin’s Pisten Bully and Tidd Tech G2 snowmobile groomer will continue to be out on the trails improving them.

Having the Tidd Tech G2 snowmobile groomer here allowed us to open trails with a minimal amount of snow when no other resort in the area was able to groom.  The Tidd Tech does a very nice job when needed, and allows us to groom in low snow conditions and also, to quickly run out to regroom a trail that has been messed up by people making poor choices (really, folks, you’d take 2 dogs, a sled, and a shovel out to dig on groomed ski trails???)  It gives us the flexibility to respond to changing conditions quickly.  We all like the results of the using the big equipment on the trails, but the smaller groomer is an essential tool in some situations.

Skiers were here by the hundreds over the past few days and were very happy with the availability of trails and the conditions, particularly in light of there being so little snow in the rest of the state.  But we do still have some spots that could use more snow. The “swamp area” of Poplar Creek, for example, is passable enough to allow skiing on the rest of that long trail but it needs more snow to be perfect. Many trails still have a few areas like that. 

An FYI, if you are out on Ridge Run and Upper Beaver Dam in the immediate future: they are temporarily double-tracked and unavailable for skating. Yesterday we had a skier who was perplexed and lost because the skate lane disappeared and it didn’t match the map — the temporary grooming change is why.  Golden Eagle’s groomer will probably redo it soon, but as of this morning it was still double-tracked. If you’re skating, be ready for that. 

Groomers on both sides of the system will continue be out on the trails regularly now, making our trails better and better.

The holiday rush is ending today. Most folks are headed home.  With ski trail conditions being terrible statewide, we had more skiers in this lodge and on our trails over the past few days than we have ever experienced.  We were all pretty much working at a marathon pace the past few days.  Everyone at Bearskin might be ready for a little slowdown before next weekend’s rush starts!

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