We drove back from a visit to the Twin Cities on Saturday and we were quite surprised by the complete lack of snow all the way up north. For most of the route there are scattered areas with a dusting of snow along the highway, but the first significant amount of snow appeared when we turned up the Gunflint Trail.

We have perhaps 5 inches of snow here.  By most winter standards, we’d call it “not much” snow, but compared to most of the rest of Minnesota, our snow looks pretty good.  The Cook County High School ski team was out on our trails skiing Saturday, so its doable.  Many of our staff members went out skate skiing last night, and had a great time. 

Our lake has 10 inches of ice, so it is skiable.  (East Bearskin had ice earlier than many other area lakes, so we can’t report on the ski conditions for any lake other than East Bearskin.)  There’s not enough ice to use heavy grooming equipment out there yet, but according to the staff members who skied Saturday, the windblown, packed snow surface on East Bearskin worked well for skating.

The Campground/Summer Home Loop has been packed and rolled several times, so good early season skiing can be found there.  Occasional dustings of snow have kept those trails fresh.

We don’t have enough snow to groom anything else yet.  We’re ready to groom when the snow arrives.

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