Light snow all day Thursday, the day after the entire system was groomed. Of course. 

It’s a busy weekend ahead, so the trail system will be groomed again–but the main question for us is “when?”  The prediction is for snow on Friday also.  We are tentatively planning to go out and freshen up a few trails first thing Friday morning, and then make a decision based on the snowfall about whether we’ll finish the rest of the East Bearskin side on Friday or on Saturday morning.  Trails will be groomed for the long weekend even if it continues to snow nonstop.

The cook tent returns this weekend! During the winters of 2008 and 2009, Bearskin set up an old-fashioned canvas wall tent on the Campground Loop and occasionally served treats to skiers on the trail. This year the cook tent will reopen this Sunday, January 16, from 11:30-2:30.  Bearskin and Golden Eagle Guests, as well as Central Gunflint Trail season pass holders, are invited  to warm up at the cook tent while enjoying  hot chocolate, coffee and cookies.  Day skiers purchasing trail tickets  at Bearskin Lodge can add on a $2 pass to join the cook tent fun.  It’s a fun simple ski destination.

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