2.16.10 A little more snow

Over the past two days we received 5-6 more inches of snow, which made an already busy weekend even busier. A lodge full of guests taking advantage of the long President’s Day weekend and an entire trail system to groom tested the limits of our staff. Thankfully all of the guests were taken care of, all of the cabins were cleaned, and all of the trails were groomed. Right now the ski trails are in excellent shape. We just finished grooming the section of North South Link that connects to Aspen lake today as the big hill down to the lake needed a little bit more work than the rest of the trails. That part of the trail has a tendency to form a large bump at the bottom of the hill just before the trail goes over the lake, rocketing skiers onto Aspen in midair. But every once in a while we remember that not everyone appreciates a cross-country ski trail that also incorporates ski jumping and then we go smooth it out. So now is the time to take advantage of a jump-less North South Link, the mild weather (it’s been in the 20s all week), and the other freshly groomed trails!

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