The 2009-2010 winter ski season

October snow on Beaver Dam/Lit Loop

October snow on Beaver Dam/Lit Loop

It’s already snowed on the Gunflint Trail.    Several times, actually.  Only a few snow piles hidden deep in the woods remain now, but it’s been a reminder that the winter ski season is on its way.

All of the Central Gunflint Ski System trails have been mowed.  Fallen trees have been removed, although with our autumn winds more dead trees continue to topple onto paths.  Quinn and Andy have a great deal more trimming to complete over the next few weeks to completely prepare the trails for the first big snowfalls.

Bob repainted many of the trail marker signs over the summer.  The fresh new coat of paint will make the signs more visible and easier to read.

This trail report web site has been on hiatus over the summer, but bookmark it now so you’ll have easy access to the first reports of real snowfall and early grooming.  We’re still looking for more pictures  that were taken on the various Central Gunflint Ski System trails.  We like pictures from every season on the ski trails — winter pictures are obviously great, but skiers can learn a lot about a trail from photos taken at other times too.   If you have photos taken on any of our ski trails, send them to   Skiers enjoy seeing views of the trails they haven’t tried, as well as pictures of the trails they love.

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