3/13/2009 Blue skies, brilliant white snow


Oxcart and Poplar Creek were groomed again yesterday.   We also regroomed various windblown skate lanes.  It was blustery yesterday, but the skies were cloudless and the sun was shining brightly. Several skiers reported that yesterday was one of their favorite ski days ever.

Today is more of the same, except warmer.  The Lake Trail was regroomed yesterday —  it hasn’t disappeared yet today.  North-South link across Aspen is still closed and will be until Andy and Quinn get back from Canoecopia Monday.  Getting that trail back is going to be a 2 man excavating job. On the first attempts to open it back up  they reported impassable 4 foot drifts and a fairly impossible “jump” on the hill down to the lake.  There are alternative routes and when it’s windy most skiers don’t expect that trail to stay clear anyway.

The moon is still nearly full.  Last night was as bright on the lake trail as it would have been if we’d have called it a “lit trail.”

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