2/26/2009 Lots of new snow

Ridge Run trail, overlooking Flour Lake. Photo by Karen Reynolds.

Trail overlooking Flour Lake after some snow. Photo by Karen Reynolds.

It snowed periodically yesterday and nonstop all day today.  The flakes were small, so at first it didn’t look like there would be a significant accumulation.  But the snow was persistent, so we actually have quite a few inches of fresh snow.

Bear Cub and Oxcart were groomed yesterday, just to give skiers some fresh tracks.  Today the groomers impatiently watched the sky, waiting for the snow to stop so they could get out to do the trails.  It never stopped snowing enough for grooming to make sense. 

Skiers reported that Bear Cub had just enough snow in the tracks to make going down the steep hills easier.  Another pair of skiers who came across on trails from Golden Eagle reported that the fresh snow made the trip slower, but still just fine.  Tracks were still visible and, as one skier said, she “fell down less because the snow was slower.”

Bob has headed out now to do some evening grooming and try to beat tomorrow morning’s predicted cold snap. It’s going to get quite cold tonight, but then gradually warm back up tomorrow.   The weather forecast for the weekend is actually not too bad, with pleasant daytime skiing temperatures predicted.

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