2/14/2009 Happy Valentine’s Day skiing

Our Valentine’s Day gift to skiers:  one of the most gorgeous ski days ever, with sunny blue skies,  pristine white snow clinging to tree branches, and great trail conditions.  It couldn’t be a nicer day to be on the Central Gunflint Ski Trails.

Bob went out early in the pisten bully to do Bear Cub this morning.  What a difference a day makes! Colder tempertaures had hardened up the snow nicely, so this time the groomer moved through the snow with no problems.  Quinn went out to do some touch-up grooming on the spots that were problematic yesterday, especially the hill down to Aspen Lake where he got stuck yesterday.

Bob measured the base in several spots this morning while out grooming Bear Cub and thought that about 13 inches seemed to the norm. 

Skiers are reporting lovely trail conditions.  Everyone is packing a camera in their pocket or pack today, as the pictures on the trails should be superb.

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