1/24/2009 Windy, sunny day

We’ve been doing a bit of touch up grooming intermittently all week with the G2.  The entire system was regroomed by Bob with the pisten bully Thursday and Friday. Quinn finished up the last of it on Saturday morning when he completed Bear Cub and a few other missed trail sections.

However, high winds all day today probably mean there will be drifting on some spots on the trails, even those that were just groomed Saturday morning.  Andy will be out Sunday morning with the G2 to try to uncover the North-South Link again.  Meanwhile (as is often the case during strong winds) that may not be the first choice route to get from East Bearskin to Flour Lake.

In spite of the windy conditions and lower temperatures, many skiers seem to be out. On Saturday afternoon skiers were reporting that sheltered trail sections were still extremely nice and that drifting in open areas was generally manageable. We don’t plan to be out grooming with the pisten bully on Sunday; we will probably regroom again after the winds subside and the temperatures rise a bit.

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