1/17/2009 Fresh snow last night

We received about 2 inches of new, fluffy snow overnight.  Bob has been out in the groomer since early this morning, starting on Summer Home and the central group of trails;by the end of the day everything should be done.   Dan is also out grooming on the Golden Eagle side.

Andy has gone out to repack the North South link; he is headed back now to add new tracks to it.  Then he will regroom the lake path with the G2 and redo Oxcart.  That should all be completed by early afternoon.

Classic skiers who have been out this morning  reported that because the tracks were already so firm and well-formed, the new snow wasn’t much of an issue for them.  Meanwhile, the sun is trying to emerge from the clouds and the temperatures are rising. Could be a great day for skiing on the Gunflint Trail

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