1/2/2009 New snow, newly groomed trails

 We received about 5 inches of snow during the day yesterday.  Bearskin groomers were out at 6 this morning and groomed most of the day.

At this point we have about 20-24 inches in the woods and a packed base on trails of  7 – 10 inches.  Skate lanes have set up very firm; classic tracks are hard and fast.  Skiers are reporting excellent conditions.

There are still a few slush spots on some lakes, but the situation is improving.  The North South link on Aspen is now open and the trail across Flour Lake is good.  East Bearskin Lake still has issues; odd air holes opened up last week  that were very interesting curiosities from an observer’s standpoint, but are problematic for grooming.  Quinn actually went into 12 inches of water today with the groomer when he was heading towards the Campground Trail which pretty much wrecked his morning.  The ice underneath the water is thick and solid, so there are no safety issues for skiers-but until the holes and cracks freeze up, it is an annoyance.  Access the Campground Loop via the other route.

More snow is expected this weekend.

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