12/08/08 — A few Central Gunflint Trails are groomed

Grooming with the Tidd Tech

Let the ski season begin! Sort of…

The beauty of Bearskin’s new Tidd Tech groomer is that this machine can start grooming far before our pisten bully can get out on the trails. We haven’t had a huge amount of snow yet, but as soon as we had a small layer of snow, Quinn went out and groomed the trails on the lake, the campground loop and Summer Home Road. He’s experimented with putting double track in already on those locations and figures that with just a little more snow (and it is coming down now) he should be able to lay some decent tracks.

Quinn, Andy, Bob and a few guests were out skiing over the last few days. Bob skated all the packed trails and found it to be surpisingly good. Quinn and Andy skiied down the lake and out into unpacked, ungroomed areas, breaking their own trails. Conditions are excellent for that type of skiing, also.

Summer Home Road

A gentle snow is falling today. It looks exactly like the animated snow you often see on websites this time of year (like this one right now!) — uniform, round flakes slowly and consistently falling straight downward. The accumulated snow should make this early season skiing even better.


Accumulating snow today

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